Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday Dishes: Gifts From Friends

I have only been collecting dishes for less than three years now, but during that time I have met and befriended some very wonderful people...several of whom read this blog. And there are a few that I've had the pleasure to meet in person.

I met Wendy, Mike, and Rick last year at the height of Quinton's hospitalization. We had corresponded via the Medium Green message board, but one Saturday, Wendy urged me to take a break from the hospital and go dishing with them. We spent an enjoyable afternoon scanning the aisles of the Brass Armadillo in Phoenix. During this trip, Wendy gifted me with this vintage Fiesta sugar bowl. This little bowl was a nice pick-me-up at a time when I needed it most.

Yesterday, Q and I got together with Wendy, Mike, and Rick to go dishing in downtown Mesa. I bought a few goodies, but I'll save those for another Sunday. This time, Rick gave me this beautiful Riviera decaled bread plate.

And while I have never met Denise in person, we have enjoyed numerous fun (and lengthy!) phone conversations. During the recent Homer Laughlin China collectors conference in Pittsburg, Denise saw this Rose Fiesta Hostess Bowl, autographed by HLC president, Joe Wells III. Since my favorite bowl is the Hostess and my favorite color is pink, Denise immediately thought of me. When the bowl went up for auction, she bid on it and won.

When the bowl arrived, I joked with Denise that it would be perfect for serving mashed potatoes.

I love all my dishes. But these gifts from friends all have greater value than, say a serving bowl from Dillards...or even a highly coveted vintage piece from eBay. All of these pieces are on display in my home. Sort of. I have a place picked out for Rick's Riviera plate, but I need to buy a little display rack for it.


Denise said...

Hey, are you saying I talk alot??? LOL So glad you enjoy your bowl.

Ms. Val said...

No, Denise, not at all! If anything *I* talk alot! Anyway, we both have a lot in common and a lot to say. Our conversations are fun!!!!