Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday Dishes: Viva La Purple!

Welcome to the first installment of 'Sunday Dishes'. I'm going start using each Sunday's blog post to show off my Fiesta and Harlequin dishes. This will be done in the same spirit as my previous 'Bargain of the Week', which I haven't done in awhile. That's because most of my recent deals have been boring non-bargains (like on Thursday when I paid $2.69/gallon for gas) or dishes. I've been having some good luck finding cheap very affordable vintage ware on eBay. Most of it will be showcased here.

One of the most fun parts of collecting Fiesta is the ability to experiment with different displays, layouts, and color combinations. I do more than feed my family with this stuff. I decorate with it, too. Here, I have Plum, Heather, Cinnabar, and Lilac on display in the kitchen baker's rack.


Irene said...

You have a lovely collection, Ms. Val! You do know how to dish it. ;p

Christopher said...

Nice! When you find the less expensive lilac on Ebay, do you typically search under lilac or another keyword hoping it has been mislabeled? I only have a mug in lilac, and I'm thinking I should get some more.

Ms. Val said...

Thanks, Irene. I'm pretty proud of it. This picture doesn't do them justice. The dark colors are so hard to photograph.

Christopher, you're right about the lilac. One seller, in particular had very spartan listings. No attempt to name the color, and the pictures were dark. The only way I could tell they were lilac was by zooming in on the date code on one of the plates. I ended up winning 2 cereal bowls and 1 dinner plate. It would have been 2, but I was outbid on one of the plates. Total was $20 SHIPPED!

Maria said...

purple dishes!!! i never even thought of it! you're always so fun with colors, ms. val.