Monday, June 25, 2007

Testing, Testing

For Christmas last year, I got Q a new digital camera. One of the features of this camera is the fact that it's waterproof. It took some doing, but we managed to work up the courage to actually submerge the camera in the pool. But we did, and here are a few pics we've taken over the last few weekends. They are dark, but that's because our pool is more than 80% shaded over by 1:00.


DeniseNM said...

Wow, those are cool pics you you and the family.

DeniseNM said...

I guess I should have previewed that!!! What I meant to say was, those are cool pics of you and the family!!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

great pics! Kyle, I thought Luke was the one with the long hair! Makes me wish I was visiting you guys. See you soon!!

Ms. Val said...

No harm done. We had a good time taking them.

Luke got a haircut and Kyle is trying to look like Shaggy from Scooby Doo. Just kidding.

Are you a member of the family? If so, show yourself! :-)~ Below, where it says "Choose an identity", select "other". Then, a "NAME" box will pop up where you can identify yourself. No Google account necessary here.

GramaPat said...

Yeah, It's me, GramaPat. It didn't like my password, so I got testy and bypassed that part.

Ms. Val said...

No worries, Pat. I just make it a point of knowing who's writing to the boys. That's why your recent comment at Lucas' blog didn't show up right away. I have all his incoming comments in moderation and they all have to come through me. I couldn't give it clearance until he logged in to his Google account.

Google/Blogger has all sorts of log-in issues...many of which have to do with the word verification feature. I'll give you a crash course in Blogger features when we're there next month.