Friday, June 22, 2007

Singing Their Own Tune

A few weeks ago, I had an Alice rerun playing on the TV. I know this is one of the campiest sitcoms ever created. But I have a soft spot for anything pertaining to Phoenix in the '70s. Also, the waitress uniforms are the perfect shade of pink, and Flo's hair was the perfect shade of red.

Anyway, just as series star Linda Lavin was belting out her scat version of the closing theme, Q asked me: "Did any other TV stars sing their own theme songs?"

A thought-provoking question this was. I knew that the answer to that question was yes. I just couldn't think of any other star-sung themes at the time.

Later that night, I came up with the most obvious: Carroll O'Connor and Jean Stapleton sang the theme to All in the Family. After that, I drew a blank. But over the course of the next week, I managed to come up with a handful of others:

--Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme was sung by Will Smith himself.
--The Brady Bunch kids sang their theme song.
--David Cassidy sang the theme to
The Partridge Family
--I believe both Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor sang the Green Acres theme.
--Waylon Jennings gets honorable mention for The Dukes of Hazzard theme...even though his role was limited to that of "The Balladeer"
--Gene Simmons' Family Jewels is sung by the Demon himself.
--Reba. I only learned of this one while channel surfing for...something anything else.
--The Fall Guy theme was sung by series star, Lee Majors

--Greg Evigan sang both the BJ and the Bear and My Two Dads themes.

I'm sure there are quite a few others.


Christopher said...

Didn't Alan Thicke sing the theme for "Growing Pains" for a while before they replaced it with the BJ Thomas/Dusty Springfield version (Dusty almost made it worth it to watch that crap show!).

val's better half said...

What about Family Guy. Don't cartoons count?

Waldo's Home said...

Kelsey Grammar (sp?) sang the theme song for "Fraiser"

Ms. Val said...

According to Wikipedia, every version of the Growing Pains theme had BJ Thomas singing the male lead. One version included a duet with the female Kenny Loggins herself--Jennifer Warnes.

Yes, cartoons do count. What was that other one you came up with last night? Oh yeah! The Monkees.

First of all, thanks for commenting here. Second, Q always changes the channel before Kelsey starts singing, so I wouldn't know.

Mark G. said...

Here are the only other ones I could come up with:

- Joanie Loves Chachi
- The Muppet Show
- 227
- Gimme a Break!
- The Facts of Life (I think the first season only)