Friday, April 06, 2007

They Have Got to be Kidding!!!!

I was thumbing through my latest copy of the Anthropologie catalog when I spotted this item:
Now, I like distressed furniture as much as the next guy. I even have a few shabby chic pieces in my house. But this ottoman goes way beyond rustic. It looks like it was attacked by a pack of feral cats, who scratched, puked, and peed on it. Then it was chucked out in the alley, where it sat for another 30 years before Anthropologie scavanged it, took its picture, named it the Trunk Tarp Ottoman, and slapped on a $998 price tag. Oh's now on sale for $747.95. MUCH better....NOT!

For those who really want this piece of furniture to grace their homes, the look can easily be achieved for a lot less money. All it takes is a trip to your local area thrift store. There's a whole string of antique and consignment shops along Cave Creek Road in north Phoenix and along 7th Avenue in central Phoenix.
I once bought an ottoman at a department store closeout place for $13. It was covered denim fabric that slightly soiled and had a small rip in it, but it didn't look near as bad as this one. In fact, I still have that old ottoman. When I reupholstered it a few years ago, and I paid more money for the fabric than I did for the actual furniture piece.


Mark G. said...

Unreal piece of furniture. This is like buying broken dishes at book price.