Thursday, April 12, 2007

It Runs in the Family

The other day, Lucas asked me if he could have a blog of his own. Since he loves to write an draw, I thought a blog would be a good outlet to show off his artwork, stories, and how he can write his name in Somali. He just had agree to a few ground rules, like not posting our home address and phone number.

After months of sitting on the armrest of my chair, watching me post and edit my blog, Lucas is pretty well versed on how to use Blogger. In fact, he might be able to teach me a thing or two...just like he did with MS Paint.

Lucas' blog is called Standard Stunt 99. The URL is There's not much there now, but that's because I haven't had a chance to scan his drawings. I'll get to that this afternoon.

After he heard about Lucas getting a blog, Kyle promptly asked if he could have a MySpace page. Ummm....give me about 5 years to think about that.


Christopher said...

How old is Kyle?

Ms. Val said...

Christopher, Kyle is 12...why?

denise said...

Yea Val-
I don't know about My Space yet-
there's all kinds of stuff he could see on there by mistake that you wouldn't want him to- You know that I"m sure-
I think Christopher's question says it all- He's not even 16 yet right?
I don't mean to be nosy-

denise said...

I just looked at his blog-
That is just adorable!

Tell him I said it was cool tho not adorable- He'll be getting the girls, I can tell-

Christopher said...

I was just curious because I think that MySpace is for 13 and over. I was thinking for some reason that you said Kyle was 13. You could put him on Facebook. It is almost as popular as MySpace, and you have much more control over privacy features so no one could see him that you don't want to see him.

Ms. Val said...

Denise: You're not being nosy at all! Kyle's not getting a MySpace account anytime soon. Funny, because he insisted that some kids in his class had them. I demanded names because I was doing a search. Well, these names he gave me are NOT on least not in the form of 6th graders within 5 miles of our ZIP code. I even searched a neighbor kid, who also said he has a MySpace page. The same kid who claimed he had Oompah Loompahs living under his bed. And--you guessed it--I came up empty.

Some kids need to learn how easy it is to check out their "stories".

Christopher: Thanks for the advice. I'll check into Facebook

Menchie said...

I can certainly understand your not wanting Kyle to have a MySpace page. But I know that it is possible for kids to have a MySpace page even if they're not age eligible yet.

I think you're making the right decision -- the internet is not that safe.