Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter to All!!!!

The day started out with an Easter Egg hunt. The boys were kind enough to hang out upstairs and watch cartoons until Q and I decided to wake up. Since the Easter Bunny brings plastic eggs filled with chocolate, I informed the boys that any eggs they didn't find were mine. In all, there were four: one perched on a lampshade, one inside an oven mitt, one inside Jango's food storage resevoir, and one in a corner.

The Easter Bunny brought small panorama eggs for the children.
Lucas chewed his down to look like a toilet:
The Easter table. Dinner was served on mostly retired, pastel Fiesta. The menu consisted of beef burgundy, creamy mashed pototoes, broiled asparagus, Caesar salad, and multi-grain bread. Drink choices included chocolate martinis, wine, or water. For dessert, we had a tres leches cake that my sister made.

Clean-up never looked so good.

My niece enjoyed wearing my boots.
I had a great hair day.
AND, tonight's Desperate Housewives is a new episode. No rerun or clip show.
All in all, a great day.


Christopher said...

You always have good hair days. I'm just happy I have hair days, period. Someone today grouped me into a category of law school students suffering from male pattern thinning!

Ms. Val said...

Not necessarily, Christopher. I'm attempting to grow my hair out and it's in a bit of an awkward stage, where it usually looks like the "before" picture of a lady getting a makeover.

Menchie said...

Your niece is soooo cute! And your hair looks gorgeous.

Yummy easter dinner!