Monday, March 05, 2007

The Tucson Trip

Shortly after leaving home, we got a 5-pack of sixes on the odometer. I don't know why, but little trivialities like this (and spotting license plates with my kids' initials in them) fascinate me.
The boys were so well behaved! Thank goodness for iPods, Nintendo DS, and earbuds. Especially the earbuds.
Heading south (or is it east?) on I-10, we encountered some wind, accompanied with blowing dust. This is a major problem in the summertime when late afternoon dust storms reduce visibility to almost zero, and invariably cause mulitple car pile-ups. While yesterdays conditions weren't that bad, we did come face to face with MANY tumbleweeds.

This is what happens when Kyle eats a blue snowcone. What the picture doesn't show is that his teeth were even bluer than his lips.

Game highlights and lowlights:

--The game itself was fun. When we got there, it was quite warm. By the 8th inning, the wind we encountered on the freeway was now blowing through the ballpark, and it was freezing cold (stupid me...I left my sweatshirt in the car).

--During the game, I made my requisite trip to the souvenir shop. When I returned with a shopping bag, Q said: "I hope you have a t-shirt for Lucas in there." Indeed I did. Good thing, too. Just two minutes earlier, Luke had dripped snowcone juice down the front of the shirt he was wearing.

--I wish the Seattle Mariners organization would shell out the dough to put the player's names on the backs of their uniforms.

--Lucas got his ticket stub autographed by Diamondbacks outfielder, Dave Krynzel.

--We left before the end of the game. The closing pitcher (a rookie) was being mercilessly heckled by an obviously drunk spectator. It was maddening because the wind was blowing and kicking up dust. Hardly ideal playing conditions for even the most seasoned player.

--The Diamondbacks won 6 to 4.

--It had been over 10 years since I last ate at El Charro Cafe. I loved it then, but yesterday's visit wasn't as good as I remembered it. Maybe it was just my meal because Q and the boys were happy with theirs. I ordered crispy beef tacos, but they were prepared like a dry hamburger patty stuffed in a taco shell, and topped with shredded lettuce, salsa, and peas. Also, I think the rice was topped with Veg-All.

--Now, the best Mexican restaurant title goes to Cantina Laredo in Scottsdale.

--I had to break a few speed laws, but I managed to get home in time to watch Desperate Housewives. We pulled in at 10 minutes before 8.

--I know it's only temporary, but DH is simply not the same without Marcia Cross.


-Princess Shin- said...

Your son lips were so blue! Haha..

Wat happened to Marcia Cross? Oh dear.. I hate it when shows start making bad things happen! =(

Take care!

Ms. Val said...

Princess, nothing happened to Marcia Cross. She gave birth to twins a few weeks ago, and will be missing a few shows for maternity leave. In the story, she's off visiting her parents.

Q said...

Val, you forgot the two of the best parts of the game.

1) The diamondbacks executed a perfect triple-play. Runners on first and second. Line drive to short-stop, step on second, throw to first.

2) The player Lucas got the autograph from hit a home run that day.

The tickets to this game were a valentines day gift from Val. Thanks Val.

Ms. Val said...

Details, details. Q, you know I don't pay attention to that stuff! I know as much about baseball as I do about Mustang transmissions. All I care about is that the D-Backs won.

denise price said...

Dear Val- At least you didn't get "666" like I did at the convenience store one day. When it rang up like that the guy behind me yells, "oh, no , someone's going to die!!" I'd never heard that before. I just thought it was the symbol for the devil.
Glad you and your family had a good time! Denise