Saturday, March 10, 2007

Ms. Val's Birthday Facts

Today is my birthday. According to Brownielocks, it's also Geneology Day, Mario Day (the video game guy?), and Salvation Army Day. Yawn. I was hoping for something more obscure and interesting like National Duran Duran Appreciation Day (August 10). But hey, my birthday does fall on the end of International Gay Ski Week!

My 2nd birthday. This was my grandparent's house. I can tell by the orange carpet and calico sofa in the background.

This is my 5th birthday at the Enchanted Island amusement park at Encanto Park. The guy behind me is my daddy. The kids next to me are neighorhood kids whose names I don't remember.

I also share a birthday with Chuck Norris, Jasmine Guy, Eva Herzigova, some guy named DJ Aligator, Sharon Stone, Shannon Tweed (Gene Simmons gave her a Lexus convertible for her birthday on an episode of Family Jewels), Bix Beiderbecke (I did a paper on him for jazz history class. I got an A on it mostly because I typed it and didn't plaigerize), James Earl Ray, and Osama bin Laden (I'm not so proud to be in company with those last two).

This is when I turned 6. Yes, the photo had discolored somewhat, but everything in that picture really was 70s orange--namely the walls and furniture.


Menchie said...

So let me be the first person from Blogworld to greet you a very happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the pictures of you as a little girl. My favorite is the one with your dad. Have a great weekend!

Christopher said...

I saw the heading, and went over to Medium Green to wish you a happy birthday, first stopping by to see who you share yours with. Then I came back, read the rest of your post, and saw you beat me to the punch. Whoops! So, what are you and Sharon Stone doing for your birthdays today?

denise price said...

I only got 1 ballerina on my birthday cake and I didn't even get a tiara either- Boo-hoo!
I love the last picture-
Have a good one and I hope Q and the boys let you have a calm birthday and everthing is PINK!
They say Osama is only 50 years old- I thought he was at least 70- so much for him dying of old age-

Ms. Val said...

Thank you. Those were good times. In that picture, did you notice that the party hats were PINK!?

I don't know what Sharon's doing. And I don't care. :-)~ But numerically speaking, I am now a year older than you. Enjoy the next two months because it will go fast!!!!

All I ask for from the boys is that they clean their bedrooms, bathroom, and playroom. Q is going to make me a birthday cake later. He was considering pink, but I put in a request for chocolate.

Homo Escapeons said...

Cute pics very Wonder Years!
Obviously this isn't one of those milestone years so you can relax and enjoy it...I only get nervous around the decade switches.
I'll play some Duran in your honor.

Ces said...

Oh Val, I am sorry I missed your birthday. A happy belated one and these photographs are fantastic. VERY CUTE GIRL!!! I still see her in you :-)