Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday 13: The Lucas Edition

Lucas' 9th birthday is this weekend. As such, this week's Thursday 13 is dedicated to him.

1. Lucas' favorite snacks include popcorn, popsicles, raw cookie dough, and whipped cream. I had to convince him to spray the whipped cream into a bowl instead of squirting the can into his mouth.

2. Lucas has been taking drum lessons since August. It is his dream to someday replace Tre Cool as the drummer for Green Day.

3. Whenever Q and Kyle go to a baseball game, Lucas prefers for me to take him to lunch at a sushi restaurant and to the antique mall to hunt down bargain Fiesta.

4. Explosive things come in small packages.

5. Lucas likes to study foreign alphabets. He spent much of last summer learning about the Ukranian language on the Internet. He's now fascinated with Vietnamese.

6. He fancies himself a tough guy, but he does have no fewer than 50 stuffed dogs living in his bedroom. Some of these are pink!

7. Lucas loves music. His favorite singers/bands include: Green Day, Hillary Duff, Kelly Clarkson and KISS.

8. He could eat breakfast cereal for every meal. And he doesn't even require a bowl. Taking handfuls of flakes and bits out of the box suits him fine.

9. When I wanted to repaint his room, Lucas insisted on being in on the color selection process. He definately wanted purple. So after studying paint samples, he narrowed his choices down to a color that reminded me of a grape popsicle and a soft lavender color called "purple veil". Guess which color got used.

10. No matter where I hide the Oreos, Lucas always manages to find and sneak them. I can tell he's been there by the lid left off the Tupperware container.

11. Between the ages of 2 and 6, Lucas wore only two outfits: pants and no pants. The second one was his favorite.

12. Given the opportunity, Lucas could spend an entire afternoon playing the Internet video game RuneScape. Luckily, I can control his Internet connection from my laptop...and blame the "outage" on the cable company, if necessary.

13. Lucas is trying to grow his hair long. After baths, he loves it when I blow dry it for him.


Menchie said...

LOL on #11! Very clever on the Internet connection control, I must remember that when the time comes. :D

kj said...

# 11 is my favorite. i can just see it!

Denise said...

I think Lucas is definitely YOUR child. He looks just like you. Not with the crossed eyes tho.
He's a cutie! and knows what he wants in life which is good-
He's going to have the girls after him so watch out!!

Ms. Val said...

Menchie: The Internet control comes in VERY HANDY during homework time...and when rooms need to be cleaned.

KJ: It's kind of funny, really. Whenever Kyle would want to invite a friend into the house, I would first have him make sure his brother was at least wearing pants.

Denise: He already has girls after him. When we took the boys to the school skate event at the roller rink, three little girls asked me where Lucas was. Later, I spotted Lucas skating with 2 of the girls--each holding one of his hands--and the other girl behind them.

Homo Escapeons said...

Wow another Birthday!
As a drummer I am thanking you in advance for allowing the ((THUD CRASH BANG BU DABU DUM SMWASH )) to rattle your house...I can never thank my Mom for the sheer joy I had bangin' away for hours.
Let's hope that no pants thing doesn't come back.
Great story..hope he has a wonderful day!

Ces said...

Oh what a charmer.

I love pants and no pants!!!

It sounds like you have an intellectual in your hands Val. I love his Fiesta streak :-)

Happy Birthday to Lucas!!!

Lena said...

What a great idea listing facts of Luca's! I'm pleased to see he's keen on the drums. I've two son's too, both teenagers. One is taking his advanced higher music exam in drumming! The other one is learning fast, too - much to their dad's devastation!

Happy 9th birthday Luca - and if it's today - that's my birthday too!


Ms. Val said...

HE: Lucas LOVES drumming. Since he's been taking lessons, listening to him practice has become tolerable. I'm just glad I have very understanding next door neighbors.

Ces: Luke is definately in intellectual. He's always coming up with little witticisms that make him sound older. We refer to him as a miniature adult.

Lena: Thanks for stopping by. Yes, today (1-27) is Luke's birthday, too!