Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday 13: The Late Edition

1. Yes, I know I haven't posted since before Christmas. I've been a little busy, but mostly I haven't felt inspired to write anything. Thank you, Ces for giving me a much needed kick-start.

2. I am so glad 2006 is over and done with, never to be repeated. Quinton's illness and extended hospital stay made this a very difficult year for our family, to say the least.

3. We spent a quiet Christmas at home. Q's mom came to visit and she brought her new puppy. In the interest of family harmony, that's the last I'll say about that topic. :-)

4. My New Year's resolution is to drop about 20 pounds. I've started by working out every morning on the elliptical while watching my Knots Landing and Desperate Housewives DVDs. I also quit buying Oreos.

5. In the last few weeks, Q and I have both been fighting head colds. On New Year's morning, Q woke up with a fever. I urged him to double his cortisone dose (as per doctor's instructions) and stay home. I know it's just a fever, but it's the sort of thing that, if neglected, could put Q right back in the hospital.

6. The best part of Christmas shopping is the post-holiday sales. I just picked up 2 scarves from, regularly priced at $29.50 and $34.50 for $9.99 each. Then there's the obligatory trip to Victoria's Secret to buy clearance pajamas.

7. There's nothing softer than a pair of cotton VS jammies that have been washed about 800 times.

8. I am currently watching Super Size Me on CNBC. Now, I never really cared for McDonalds' food, but after seeing this, I don't think I want to eat there again.

9. Before Christmas, we went to over to southern California for four days of theme park fun (two each at Disneyland and Universal Studios). I was pleasantly surprised that the crowds were minimal, at best. Even the wait for Space Mountain was only 25 minutes. I'll post pictures shortly.

10. After Christmas, I FINALLY got around to redecorating the downstairs bathroom. Again, pictures will be forthcoming.

11. It's January 4th and our Christmas tree is still set up in the family room. Since it's an artificial tree--and therefore not a fire hazard--I'm not losing sleep over it. I'll put it away when I'm good and ready.

12. I'm looking forward to the spring semester starting up. This term, I'm taking Sewing for the Home and Intro. to Architectural Desktop for Interior Design. I wanted to take Modern Architecture and Furniture, but it's being taught by the same instructor who taught Architectural History last semester. No thank you.

13. I hope it rains tomorrow.


DeniseNM said...

I sure have missed your posts. I check in now and again. Glad you are back!! Happy New Year

Ms. Val said...

Thanks for not giving up on me, Denise. It's good to be back. Happy New Year to you too.