Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ms. Val's Bargain of the Week

This week's bargain is actually one of Luke's birthday presents. For the last two Christmases, I had been buying him the latest copies of the Guiness World Records books. He loves these things and can spend hours sitting on the floor reading and sharing facts with the rest of the family. For his birthday, Luke asked me for previous-years copies of GWR.

On a website called Thriftbooks, I found 2002 through 2004 for one penny each. 2005 was $.99. Shipping for these four large, hardcover books $11.22. I almost feel bad for the seller here. There's no way this company made any money off me on this deal.

Then last week, while scavenging through a booth full of books and license plates at the antique mall, Q found a copy of the 2001 book priced at $3...or $2.55 after the coupon discount.

Now, we can read about the about the dog who can hold the most tennis balls in his mouth whenever we want.


Menchie said...

I think your son has a very inquisitive mind. I'll bet he soaks up a lot of ideas and facts quickly.

Ms. Val said...

Menchie, you got that right! He'll ask me a question and I'll answer it. But instead of being satisfied with the answer, it just produces 10 more questions.