Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thursday 13: Things Q Always Says to Me

We interrupt irregular programming to bring you today's Thursday 13, which was promised and written over a week ago.

1. "How do you stay awake listening to that music?"

2. "Do you have a___in your purse?" (nail clippers, Chapstick, pen, Tylenol, etc.)

3. (When eating out) "You know, I could cook that for you."

4. "Next time you're at the store, could you pick up some more_____?" (bread, light bulbs, eggs, etc.)

5. "And how much did THAT cost?"

6. "How about FISH for dinner!!!!"

7. "My______hurt." (feet, knees, eyes, etc.)

8. "Anything good in the mail that's not a bill?"

9. (Motioning to the TV) "Are you watching this?"

10. "Can I have the remote?"

11. "Will you ever have enough dishes?" (the answer is NO).

12. "Which shirt goes with these pants."

13. "When I was in the hospital...." (he talks about it like it was Band Camp!)

Bonus 14. "Hey, is that the guy that was in that movie with that one girl who was in the show about those people who live in a neighborhood...." (Names, honey. I need NAMES if I have any hope of knowing what you're talking about.)


Ces said...

Q sounds like a great guy:

3. (When eating out) "You know, I could cook that for you."

kj said...

this is all too familiar.....