Friday, November 17, 2006

I No Longer Care

I no longer care that my shoes don't have brand cache. They look decent. They're very comfortable. And that's all that matters.

I no longer care that I haven't had time to rearrange the Fiesta display in months.

I no longer care that the cars haven't been washed in weeks. One of them is gold so it hides dirt very well.

I no longer care what people think about my wearing my pajamas to the mailbox...or even the grocery store, for that matter.

I no longer care that Lucas hasn't had a hair cut in two months. He can wear it as long and messy as he wants. After all, it's not my hair!

I no longer care that the living room carpet is hopelessly stained.

I no longer care Kyle's shirt and pants don't match...or they match too well.

I no longer care that the top of the picture frames haven't been dusted in 7 years.

I no longer care who gets the last Pop Tart.

I no longer care that the pool pump makes weird noises. That's Quinton's responsibiltiy!

I no longer care that my cell phone battery won't hold a charge (we're eligible for new phones in a few weeks).

I no longer care that Kyle's bedroom is the neighborhood Petri dish. I just wish he'd bring his dishes down to the kitchen!

I no longer care that Lucas won't put his clean clothes in his dresser. If he wants to live out of a laundry basket, fine.

I no longer care that the windshield is always streaky. I can see the road. That's all that matters.

I no longer care that I have only two pairs of jeans that fit good.

I no longer care that the white washclothes are dingy and threadbare.

I no longer care that our laminate kitchen countertops are warped.

I no longer care that the kids put their feet on the long as they take their shoes off first.

I no longer care that my black clothes are covered in Jango fur.

I no longer care that Quinton currently weighs less than I do! OK...that does bother me.

I no longer that the yard gravel keeps getting kicked in the driveway.


denise price said...

Val- YOu've caught up with me in the "I no longer care department".
I've gotten to the point in my marriage now, that when my husband falls asleep on the couch I no longer wake myself up from a deep sleep and drag myself downstairs to drag him upstairs to bed. He sleeps fine on the couch I've found. LOL!!! That used to make me so mad and instead of getting mad I sleep!! I could go on!!! Denise

Ces said...

Okay. I hope that this lasts exactly 1 hour, 24 hours - tops. You cannot "not care" about going to the grocery store in your pajamas! You cannot not care about all of these beautiful people in your life including you!

Quick! Time to buy the new Heather place settings, make it service for eight, match them with Fiesta Rose then throw a party, even a virtual party, just lay out the dishes on the table, take some photographs then send me a note. We are having a virtual Fiesta party.

Maybe a Fiesta table setting contest: You, me, Papa, Christopher, Terri, Nurse Ratched, who else, we'll find them. Start a meme - a Fiesta table setting contest for the holidays.

You have to care!

kj said...

val, how about an update? are you better?

tell your family to be sure to appreciate you, even when you stay in your pajamas.

denise price said...

I think this is just a case of being overwhelmed- not I don't care- Of course she cares alot!!
Sometimes when other people in the household don't pull their weight
things have to slip a little bit or you'll lose your sanity is all she's saying. Denise

Ms. Val said...

Denise...THANK you! KJ and Ces...she's right. I do still care about my family. I never stopped. I've just decided that I need to pick my battles and fight only those that are important.

I've just been fighting everyone's fires so much lately that I'm prepared to let them bet burned a little. For instance, this morning, Luke had his picture taken for the cover of the CD he's making for drum class. Well, he did so with a big ol' turkey tail in the back. If Kyle wishes to sleep in his clothes, fine. If Q forgets his wallet, then he'd better hope he has enough change in his desk drawer to buy lunch.

That's all it is. I do care. In fact, I care so much that I'm finding it difficult to step back and the boys have their individual learning moments (Kyle hates it when I say that).

Oh, and Ces...the pajamas I'm wearing to the grocery store consist of an old baseball jersey and a pair of funky purple bottoms. I'm not showing up at Fry's wearing a nightgown and my fluffy pink slippers.

Thank you, ladies for your concern. It is appreciated.

Ces said...

Hew! for a while you got me worried there. Val, you still need some self-pampering and this holiday season is the perfect venue for it!

Still can we do a Fiesta table arrangement meme? Thanksgiving or Christmas?