Monday, October 30, 2006

He Does All His Own Stunts: Part 2

Looking out our bedroom window, we noticed that the boys and their friend had been throwing 1/2 inch gravel on the roof above the garage. They had amassed a nice sized collection up there. And for months, Q and I kept saying we need to get that roof cleaned off.

When Lucas got wind of our little project, he, begged us to let him climb on the roof and clean off the rocks. I had my reservations, but Luke really is the most sure-footed and fearless member of the family (when he was 2 years old, I found him perched on top of the refrigerator eating Halloween candy). Besides, at least one-third of the rocks were there because of he put them there.

Lucas was quite comfortable up there. So much so that we asked him to wash a window that hadn't been cleaned since we moved in 7 years ago.


Mark G said...

OMG! I'm getting vertigo just seeing him up there.

kj said...

wow, this is really cool, val.

i'm losing my balance admiring lucas up there.

Anonymous said...

I believe my son could give your Lucas a hand. At 19 months, my Niccolo loves to climb everywhere and displays no fear of heights whatsover. Sigh! c",)

Ces said...

Eeeeeeeek! My stomach is turning upside down!

Christopher said...

Ummmm....I have a gutter on the second floor that needs to be reattached if you want to send your little monkey my way!

Ms. Val said...

Mark--you're not alone. I don't know how I don't have a head full of gray hair yet.

KJ--That's my boy! Also yesterday, we found him climbing our lime tree while wearing roller skates.

Irene--It's definately a boy thing. He was right at home up there. We had a bear of a time getting him to come down!

Ces--You and everyone who drove by the house! People were slowing down and staring while Luke just smiled and waved like he was on a parade float.

Christopher--OK, but you have to let him wear your blue Cookie Monster pimp hair!

Christopher said...

If he wants my pimp hat, it is his!

Ms. Val said...

Christopher--Nah, he just wants it for when he's up on the roof. He likes it when passersby point and stare.

Anonymous said...

OMG! he does have a future in hollywood and am not just talking about the stunt! you have one cute stuntboy/man there.


PS: care to buy him a helmet or something for his next climb?

Within Without said...

It's great you let him go up there, Val, and for a whole bunch of reasons.

He looks fearless up there...a great way for him to feel his body and its capabilities.

Confidence will flow! I'll bet he's an athlete and loves climbing trees too.

Beautiful house. Thanks for visiting my blog and glad the video thing worked for you.


Ms. Val said...

Maria, you're right. I probably should have made him put on his helmet. I at least should have had him put his shoes on

WW--He's not really an athlete per se, but he does have great upper body strength--enough to be able to shimmy up the pool fence without help from his feet and legs. Watch the news in about 10 years. You'll see my son being arrested for scaling the outside of the Chrysler Building

stuntman46 said...

that's me

Ms. Val said...

stuntman46, it's time to turn off the computer and go refill Jango's water dish.